Petrolia Enterprises is a division of Lambton County Developmental Services.

We operate several social enterprise businesses that strive to generate a profit while providing an opportunity to fulfill our social mission.  These businesses, The Olde Post Office Gift Shoppe & Ice Cream Parlour and Petrolia Enterprises, all foster an inclusive work environment by employing people of all abilities.

Petrolia Enterprises produces marketable products and operates social enterprise businesses in order to maintain our function within Lambton County Developmental Services.

We operate a manufacturing facility (Petrolia Enterprises) in Petrolia.  Here, we manufacture wooden stakes that are used in the construction industry and by nurseries, surveying companies and more.  These can be custom cut and then painted, tipped or stamped with your company logo.  We offer delivery or shipping of these stakes to your place of business, for a fee.

We also run a woodworking shop that offers specialty lumber that can be purchased for your wood projects.

  • We create a variety of primitive furniture pieces and seasonal items through our gift shoppe.
  • We believe in re-cycling the “old” and creating the “new” – utilizing old doors and windows, barn board, tobacco lath and old chairs (just to name a few).
  • We also re-invent furniture to give it an updated look.
  • We have a private meeting room, The Wicket, that accommodates up to 40 people, available to rent for your business meeting, get-together or your baby or bridal shower!
  • For more details, call 519-882-2711 or use the contact form on this website.

Supported Employment Services

*Please note that Supported Employment Services have moved to the SIL/Host Family Services Building at 431 King Street, Petrolia.

The new phone number there is 226-738-0888.

We support people with disabilities to find and maintain competitive employment in integrated settings within the community. We offer Lambton County businesses the opportunity to obtain dependable, hard-working, flexible, supported long-term employees. Supported Employment focuses on the person’s abilities and provides the supports the employee and employer need to create a successful work experience.  All jobs are paid at a competitive rate. (Competitive wage being minimum wage or more.)

All competitive jobs have their individual employer guidelines/company policies to follow for rules of conduct, safety wear or dress code, hours of work, etc.

The supported employment staff will review these to ensure the supported worker understands the workplace rules and dress code.

There are substantial benefits to hiring a person with developmental disabilities. We match the employer’s labour needs according to the skills and abilities of our clientele. This process saves you, the employer, time and money.

We actively pursue contracts in our local community, such as grass cutting, leaf collecting and street cleaning, to be able to obtain competitive wages for employment for individuals with developmental disabilities.

We also offer resume writing, interview skill building, job coaching and on the job maintenance.  We want to see success for both the employer and employee.

Our Service Offers You:

  • Pre-screened applicants
  • No cost individualized job training
  • Job coaching to maintain employer and employee satisfaction
  • On site maintenance check

Ongoing communication acting as a liaison between employer and employee Job posting board. We are available for seasonal, full-time, part-time, one-time employment opportunities.

Supported Employment Support Workers are available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the suitability of a person supported by Lambton County Developmental Services working in your establishment.

To explore this unique opportunity please contact us at:

Supported Employment Services (SES)
431 King Street, Petrolia
E-mail: [email protected]