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Petrolia Enterprises is a division of Lambton County Developmental Services.

We operate several social enterprise businesses that strive to generate a profit while providing an opportunity to fulfill our social mission.  These businesses, The Olde Post Office Gift Shoppe & Ice Cream Parlour and Petrolia Enterprises, all foster an inclusive work environment by employing people of all abilities.

Petrolia Enterprises produces marketable products and operates social enterprise businesses in order to maintain our function within Lambton County Developmental Services.

We operate a manufacturing facility (Petrolia Enterprises) in Petrolia.  Here, we manufacture wooden stakes that are used in the construction industry and by nurseries, surveying companies and more.  These can be custom cut and then painted, tipped or stamped with your company logo.  We offer delivery or shipping of these stakes to your place of business, for a fee.

We also run a woodworking shop that offers specialty lumber that can be purchased for your wood projects.

  • We create a variety of rustic furniture pieces and seasonal items for our gift shoppe.
  • We believe in re-cycling the “old” and creating the “new” – utilizing old doors and windows, barn board, pallet wood and old chairs (just to name a few).
  • We also re-invent furniture to give it an updated look.
  • For more details, call 519-882-2711 or use the contact form on this website.